Tips on opening a manual umbrella!

Manual umbrellas, as the name suggests, are those that are opened and closed manually. To ensure that your ‘Sun’ brand manual umbrella lasts long and always protects you in the rain we suggest the following:

1. In opening the umbrella always first extend the tube/shaft fully. This minimizes chances of the shaft bending while opening. Do not open the canopy and the shaft simultaneously.

2. Then place your hand on the runner and push till it sits on the stopper. While pushing the runner, ensure that your finger is not placed on the button.

3. To close the canopy press the button on the runner and pull it down.

4. Hold the folded canopy in one hand and then close the shaft by pushing under the bottom of the handle.

5. Ensure that the umbrella is dried after use in the rain. This prevents the frame from rusting.