Designer Umbrellas from the House of Sun Brand!

Let’s celebrate being Indian this monsoon with Sun’s exclusive series “Desi” umbrellas:


  • If you are an Indian Art aficionado ‘Warli Print – Long & Bend Handle Umbrella’is the ideal pick.—long-&-bend-handle-umbrella/302

  • Page 3 gossip on your mind?  Sun’s ‘Newspaper Print- Long & Bend Handle Umbrella’is the perfect choice.–long-&-bend-handle-umbrella/301

  • Deliver your favourite movie dialogues with a punch with Sun’s ‘Bollywood – Long & Bend Handle Umbrella’!—long-&-bend-handle-umbrella/298

  • Remember playing seven stones, gilli danda or tyre with your neighbourhood friends? Re-live those nostalgic memories with Sun’s ‘Desi Games – Long & Bend Handle Umbrella’—long-&-bend-handle-umbrella/297

  • For the health conscious we have Sun’s ‘Yoga – Long & Bend Handle Umbrella’—long-&-bend-handle-umbrella/300

  • Vada-pav, samosas and a hot cup of cutting are a must on any monsoon day. Well, add to that list Sun’s ‘Mumbai Ki Baarish’ series of umbrellas as well. “–long-&-bend-handle-umbrella/299

Happy Monsoon 2017 !