• What Makes Sun Umbrellas Special
    The humble umbrella, often overlooked until raindrops start to fall or the scorching Sun becomes unbearable, has been a trusted companion throughout history. Evolving from simple canopies to sophisticated designs, umbrellas have proven their worth as both functional and fashionable accessories. But have you ever stopped to wonder what makes an umbrella truly special? The Versatility of Umbrellas Umbrellas have continuously adapted and improved, solidifying their position as indispensable [..]
  • How to Choose the Right Umbrella for Your Needs
    In today’s fast-paced world, where fashion and functionality go hand in hand, finding the perfect umbrella can be a daunting task. Rain or shine, having the right umbrella can make all the difference in keeping you dry and protected from the elements. With countless options available in the market, it is essential to choose a brand that not only offers durability and reliability but also aligns with your needs, requirements and style. Whether you are looking for a compact travel umbrella [..]
  • Tips on opening a manual umbrella!
    Manual umbrellas, as the name suggests, are those that are opened and closed manually. To ensure that your ‘Sun’ brand manual umbrella lasts long and always protects you in the rain we suggest the following: 1. In opening the umbrella always first extend the tube/shaft fully. This minimizes chances of the shaft bending while opening. Do not open the canopy and the shaft simultaneously. 2. Then place your hand on the runner and push till it sits on the stopper. While pushing the [..]
  • Designer Umbrellas from the House of Sun Brand!
    Let’s celebrate being Indian this monsoon with Sun’s exclusive series “Desi” umbrellas:   If you are an Indian Art aficionado ‘Warli Print – Long & Bend Handle Umbrella’is the ideal pick. http://www.sunumbrellas.in/FASHION/warli-print—long-&-bend-handle-umbrella/302 Page 3 gossip on your mind?  Sun’s ‘Newspaper Print- Long & Bend Handle Umbrella’is the perfect choice. [..]
  • The Origin of Umbrellas
    The word ‘Umbrella’ originates from the Latin word ‘Umbra’, which means shadow or shade. The original function of the umbrella was to provide shade in the sun – known as parasol, rather than protection from the rain. The word ‘parasol’ (Spanish or French) is a combination of ‘para’ which means stop or to shield and ‘sol’ meaning sun. Origin of the basic umbrellas dates back to more than 4,000 years ago, indicated by ancient art and artifacts of Egypt, Assyria, [..]